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Newbies, this is an acronym that you’ll want to give special attention.

APM or Armitage Protection Mode: The intense desire to protect Richard Armitage. This affliction often leads sufferers to attempt to police the activities of other fans. According to RAFrenzy, symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • Continual scouring of the web for talk of Richard Armitage
  • Self-importance
  • Impaired humor
  • Maniacal need to pontificate about behaviors of others toward Richard Armitage with the goal of correcting them
  • Possible delusions of actually protecting Richard Armitage

If you find that any of these symptoms apply to you, take a look in the mirror to make sure you aren’t greeted by something like this:

Thanks go to Snicker’s Mom for suggesting this contribution to The RAD.


11 responses to “APM

  1. kathryngaul ⋅

    I think Frenz might be being a little tough on this one. I don’t recognize any of those symptoms above in me but I have been known to want to “protect” Richard when some of the ladies are throwing off at the grammar and spelling in his email messages to the fans!

    • kathryngaul ⋅

      eg……I don’t like American spelling but I would never tell you to spell “humour” that way!!!! πŸ™‚

      • Do people really pick at stuff like that? Because the spelling issue in a case like humor/humour isn’t a mistake, just a different form of English.

    • I actually think there are people who fit that definition. None of them have come after me, but I’ve heard stories.

      As far as the grammatical issue, the only people I’ve seen discussing his mistakes, it was at least partially in jest. Although I don’t venture beyond the blogs much, so I may have missed some of that. At least he seems to see the humor in it as he cracked a joke about it in one of his last messages.

      • kathryngaul ⋅

        Ah ha, but if one is a newbie to blogs, one doesn’t always know just when the ladies are joking!

      • That is a fair point. And we should be conscientious of the fact that we may come across in a way other than what is intended. However, we can’t stifle expression in order to cater to those who don’t understand or may be overly sensitive.

        That’s the beauty of the internet–even in the RA fan community. If we don’t like something, we can always go and find something that is more our cup of tea!

      • kathryngaul ⋅

        I wouldn’t expect anyone to “stifle expression”, just maybe be a little clearer that “it was at least partially in jest” πŸ™‚

      • I see the point your making. I also see the validity of that old saying, “If you have to explain it, it isn’t funny.”

        My view on this, and it is no more than that, is that when it comes to things like blogs (especially fan blogs) the author is doing it primarily for their own benefit and enjoyment. That other people read and enjoy is in some ways a perk. So, I tend to think that while there is a certain amount of responsibility on the blogger’s part, a lot of the responsibility lays on the reader. To learn to understand a blogger’s writing style and the way they express their individual sense of humor.

  2. Naturally, there are going to be times when readers do not like something that a blogger has to say, or feel there are errors in the presentation. In my opinion, if a reader does feel a pressing need to point out what they feel is an error on the blogger’s part, they should do so in private, and not in the post’s comments. This way, the blogger can evaluate the argument, amend the post if he/she feels an amendment is justified, and can do so with a minimum of fuss. Of course, the blogger has the right to refrain from altering the post. It does belong to them. πŸ™‚ Just sayin’.

    • kathryngaul ⋅

      I’m sorry if I sounded as though I was criticizing either of you in any way – I certainly wasn’t referring to anything I’d seen on your blogs. People sometimes take what I say way too seriously, too, so I’m “just sayin'” that it works both ways πŸ˜‰

      Ah ha…..”chesticles”! I can’t wait to read your definition of that word πŸ™‚

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