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This word was suggested by Fedora Lady and Kathryn Gaul and was coined by fellow Armitage admirer Judit.

Richarding: The act of reading about, watching, listening to and discussing RA with fellow fans.

If any of the below images seem familiar you have in all probability engaged in richarding:


6 responses to “Richarding

  1. april73

    These pics are very familiar to me… so I am veryyy engaged, lol.

  2. Mezz ⋅

    I burst out laughing when I saw the last one. It takes ages to scroll through the Armitage-related stuff in my iTunes library. 🙂

    • Judit was really on to something with this word, wasn’t she? 🙂 It takes me quite a while as well. There’s just so much good stuff!

      • Judit ⋅

        Thanks, jasrangoon! I found this page via Servetus’ blog, haven’t been here before! I love it! Geez, see, I’m Richarding again although I really, really, should be working!!!

      • It is a great word, Judit! Richarding is such an easy thing to do. Once you start it is hard to stop! 😉

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