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This word is brought to us courtesy of Kitty and was coined by Jeannie Gisborne.

Armpitage: when a fan nearly swoons at the sight of Richard Armitage’s axilla (the area of the human body directly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder).

With an armpit like that, is it any wonder women are overcome? 😉


8 responses to “Armpitage

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  2. Snicker's Mom ⋅

    Wow. I’m learning all sorts of new words.

  3. kathryngaul ⋅

    I love the photos from “Strike Back” where John Porter’s armpits are exposed 😉 I am always amazed at the prolific light-coloured hairs!

    • Yes, they are lovely photos. Although I have to confess I much prefer the pic with less hair. I’ve always wondered if he had fake armpit hair when he’s all scuzzy looking in episode 1.

  4. april73

    I’m learning lots of new “RA English words”, thanks. 😉

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