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I believe today’s word was coined by FedoraLady, if not feel free not correct me. 🙂

ToC or Tongue of Concentration: The way in which Richard Armitage’s tongue protrudes when he is concentrating deeply.

As seen in the above pictures, this quirk carries over between both varying roles and real life for Mr. Armitage.


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9 responses to “ToC

  1. mersguy ⋅

    Love RA’s TOC!! Lets hope Thorin has some TOC, although it may be a little harder to find under the beard!!

  2. Laurie C ⋅

    That TOC is so sweet! It makes me smile every time.

  3. april73

    I love RA’s toc.

    Before I’ve hear about this TOC, I’ve had never notice that Richard do that.

    But now, I can easily see when he’s doing that, lol.

  4. The first place I encountered the term was in the Crinkle Zone of C-19 where I was respectfully corrected that was how anything related to tongue showing is referred to. I’ve been assuming since also that crinkles and it’s surrounding terminology has been coined by them

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