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ComRAdes and CamaRAderie

This word popped into my head today and seemed appropriate for entry into The RAD. After all, we Armitage fans are called an army! 😉

ComRAdes: Companions who share one’s interest in Richard Armitage.

And because the words go together, today we have a two-for-one special.

So much of being a fangirl is about:

CamaRAderie: Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together (online) because of their shared interest in Richard Armitage.

8 responses to “ComRAdes and CamaRAderie

  1. servetus ⋅

    Something that’s benefited me enormously and that we need more of!

  2. bccmee

    Haha, your RA poster is a stroke of genius! 😀

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  4. Judit

    I love this so much!!! Thank you!!!

  5. linda60 ⋅

    This is just perfect! Thanks!!!

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