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Today’s word was suggested by Brooke.

cRAving: an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing for all things Richard Armitage.*

*It should be noted that this definition has been adapted from Merriam-Webster. I do not think that there is anything abnormal about our cRAvings. 😉


5 responses to “cRAving

  1. linda60 ⋅

    Wow, new words are tumbling in…. CRAving…. you now make me search for a piece of chocolate… there must have been something…somewhere…. Oh I know, this is actually a daft vicarious satisfaction and it would be so much better to have said man around personally!! Sigh!!
    Yep, my normal…. urgent and intense desire!!

    • Hmmm…RA and chocolate! Is there a better combination? I think not. 😉 Yeah, it would be nice to have the real man around, but I’ll settle for chocolate.

      Yep, normal…I don’t see anyone abnormal around here! 🙂

  2. april73

    Hmmm, I would love to have this chocolate… 🙂

  3. Servetus ⋅

    as Lucas says, a “bit of cRAving” ??

  4. Brooke ⋅

    Hehe. I think everyone here can confess to this word. Thanks for using the word.

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