Today’ word–coined by Mersguy– is another one of the submissions for bccmee’s collaborative dictionary.

Armitaged: The moment one falls for the many charms of Richard Armitage.

After reading the TORn staff’s analysis of the recent Hobbit pictures, I can’t help but wonder how many people will soon be Armitaged.

MrCere: “How many great actors can you fit in a single frame? People think this cast is really good but it’s better than people realize.”

MrCere: “…Let me go on record again and say that Richard Armitage is going to be a gigantic star when these two movies are over.”

Garfeimao: “… I just gotta say it, this is the epitome of hot dwarf, no two ways about that.”

Seems to me a few members of the TORn staff may have already succumb.



Back in March bccmee asked for contributions of words and pictures for a collaborative project. This project turned out to be a fabulous video dictionary, consisting of words associated with Richard Armitage.

She has kindly agreed to let me use the words from that project here, on The RAD. Thanks bccmee! And thanks to Gratiana Lovelace, who coined today’s word.

Be-Guy-ling: The trance like state that Richard Armitage, as Sir Guy, elicits in us with his oh so sexy smirk. Drooling may occur.


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This word was sitting in my draft pile. It seems like an appropriate choice for today’s word, given the appearance of the EW pictures yesterday.

As we all know (or if you are new, you’re about to be informed) capitalizing the “RA” in words is common among Richard Armitage fans. This post will be the first of what I assume will be many that fall into that category.

Today’s word was coined and recommended by Brooke Stevens.

RAcer: One who races to find out the most recent RA news.

Many of us are RAcers, as can been proven by exhibit A:


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Newbies, this is an acronym that you’ll want to give special attention.

APM or Armitage Protection Mode: The intense desire to protect Richard Armitage. This affliction often leads sufferers to attempt to police the activities of other fans. According to RAFrenzy, symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • Continual scouring of the web for talk of Richard Armitage
  • Self-importance
  • Impaired humor
  • Maniacal need to pontificate about behaviors of others toward Richard Armitage with the goal of correcting them
  • Possible delusions of actually protecting Richard Armitage

If you find that any of these symptoms apply to you, take a look in the mirror to make sure you aren’t greeted by something like this:

Thanks go to Snicker’s Mom for suggesting this contribution to The RAD.